Sunday, February 12, 2012 Home Brewing Training

ATTENTION: You're About To Discover The Secrets To Brewing Delicious Beer In Your Own Home!

"If You Can Boil Water, You Can
Single Handedly Brew Your Own Beer!"

"You'll discover EXACTLY how in a minute but first...
Quick!  Grab a bucket of Ice!"

Dear Beer Lover,
You can safely ditch the six-pack now...
... because an exciting world of beer flavor has just been opened to your taste buds!
Truth is... everyone's going Home Brew these days... you know why?
I'll tell you why...
It's easy.  It's inexpensive.  It's truckloads of FUN to brew your own beer.
And damn! it's oh-so-delicious!
Simply put... if you like beer, you'll LOVE home brew.

With home brew, there are so many styles of beer you can make that it can be difficult to choose! But you see, that's the beauty of making your own beer...
Remember the last time you and your friends got together to chill out to a few bottles?
Now picture this...
What if your buddies come over to your place on game night, and instead of grabbing the usual beer, you pass them something well... different...
They grab the glass, tilting it against their mouth...
In SHOCK, they turn to gaze at you with a spaced-out look in their eyes while drooling from their mouths...

"Dude! Where In The World You Got This From?"

Here's a secret...

Did you know it's REALLY pretty darn easy to make a great tasting home brewed beer in your own kitchen?  You might find it hard to believe after the bad experiences you might have had or heard about from your friends.

Let me simply put it this way for you... If you can boil water, you can brew your own GREAT TASTING beer.
People will actually be begging you for more the instant they sip your home brew.
That's how awesome a beer you'll be making by the end of my information-rich step-by-step video training.

WOW Your Friends. Start Your Own Beer Business.

It's your choice once you've jumped over from BEGINNER to ADVANCED home brew mastery.
Now there's a wealth of information out there for the Home Brewer...
But what you probably don't know is this:
Most of the information comes in the form of uninspiring 400 page books that talk about gravity and efficiencies and sparging...
...and all the mumbo jumbo you're expected to know just to get started.

If you've got an uncle or a friend who knew how to brew beer , you'll realize they either had someone to show them the ropes on how to brew OR...
... they actually had to bash through the bushes of trial and error and finally taught themselves how to brew.

Yes... going at it yourself means you'll have to endure lots'a painstaking hard work and time and energy wasted... not to mention possibly leaving a MASSIVE trail of destruction in your kitchen!

Now you don't want that, do you?
Okay so here's the great news...

I'm going to give you the SHORTCUT to Home Brewery Success right now!

I believe that actually observing a pro in action up close and personal is the way to quick and fun learning... and I'm pretty darn sure you'll feel the same way too...

Guess What? You'll Be In My Kitchen Watching Over My Shoulders
As I Show You Exactly How It's Done!

(Yes... that's me in one of the many step-by-step training videos
you'll be gaining instant access to!)

Here's what you'll discover in my BeerEasy Video Course that will get you brewing your first delicious pint you can share with your pals in no time!
It's easy.  It's wonderfully flavourful.
And all equipment & ingreidents you need to get started are EASILY accessible.
(You probably have some of it already lying around in your kitchen!)

That's it...simple enough. So let's get started shall we?
Here's what's inside your BeerEasy online video training course...
Video Training on each of the Steps in the Brewing Process: ($497 value)

  • Video #1 - Introduction to Brewing Your Own Beer
  • Video #2 - Equipment and Ingredients for Brewing
  • Video #3 - Day #1 Brew Day - Part 1 of 2                                 (length 16:58)
  • Video #4-  Day #1 Brew Day - Part 2 of 2                                 (length 10:30)
  • Video #5 - The Fermentation Process
  • Video #6 - Day #2 Transfer Day                                                 (length 07:26)
  • Video #7 - How To Sanitize Your Brewing Equipment
  • Video #8 - Day #3 Bottling Day                                                  (length 13:52)

Checklists (PDFs) to walk you Step by Step through your Brew Day... Comes in handy WHILE brewing.

  • Checklist #1 - Equipment & Ingredients Checklist
  • Checklist #2 - Day #1 Brew Day Checklist
  • Checklist #3 - Day #2 Brew Day Checklist
  • Checklist #4 - Day #3 Brew Day Checklist

8 Of My Very Best Home Brew Recipes. ($197 value)

  • Recipe #1 - Cascade Pale Ale Recipe
  • Recipe #2 - Can't Lager Oktoberfest Recipe
  • Recipe #3 - India Pale Ale Recipe
  • Recipe #4 - Mac's Amber Ale Recipe
  • Recipe #5 - Lake Superior Porter Recipe
  • Recipe #6 - Oatmeal Stout Recipe
  • Recipe #7 - Pre-Prohibition American Pilsner Recipe
  • Recipe #8 - Strawberry Blonde Recipe

But That's Not All!
You'll Also Receive These Special Bonuses...

All Grain Brewing Training

  • Video #1 - All Grain Brewing Part 1 of 2
  • Video #2 - All Grain Brewing Part 2 of 2
  • Equipment Checklist  - All Grain Brewing Equipment Checklist
  • Checklist  - All Grain Brew Day Checklist
  • Worksheet - All Grain Batch Sparge Brewing Worksheet & Sample
Home Brewing Recipes Bonus
  • 640 Home Brew Recipes - The Largest Collection of Home Brewing Recipes ANYWHERE!(This normally sells for $19.99) Yours FREE with the Home Brewing Training.

"Got Beer?"

I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to brew your first pint today.
But first... let's break the ice (no pun intended!)
My name is Justin Sieglaff, and I'm just a typical guy from Wisconsin...
Now I just want to tell you right off the bat that I'm not some sort of Brew Master or anything like that...
In fact I probably PISS many Brew Masters off...
And I'll tell you why in just a second...

I've been enjoying beer ever since I was old enough to drink (maybe even a little ealier :-) After college, I took a sudden interest to local Micro Brews.  Then I was given one of those department store "home brew beer kits".
You know...I was really hoping to conjure something great or at least half decent...
... a bottle I could chill with that same night... but let's just say my first 'experiment' went down the drain.

It really did spark my interest and I decided to figure out how to make my own GREAT TASTING beer at home... something I could call my own and make a hobby of it.

Fast forward a few years...
Brewing is a part of my life, I ALWAYS have something brewing in my secret lab :)
And I'm constantly creating my own original beer recipes and working on creating "clones" of my other favorites.

I can honestly say that my friends and family envy my hobby and they've even approached me to teach them how to brew.
You'd always see that sparkle in their eye as they say, "Justin, God! You've got to sell this. People will love this stuff!"
They not only want great tasting beer but usually... I can easily brew it for cheaper than you could buy it in the store.

Now as you're here reading this...
I'm guessing you're at least somewhat interested in brewing your own beer too, right?
If you are, GREAT... because you've come to the right place!

"Lesson 1."

If you've been thinking about brewing your own beer, I would LOVE to teach you.

Now obviously I can't just invite every guy or gal who wants to learn into my own kitchen...but I have done what I believe to be the next best thing...

I've bottled my years of experience.into EASY TO FOLLOW Video Training on  exactly how to brew - from boiling the water to adding grains, to fermentation, to bottling.

You've to know this though...
The Brew Masters with their 10,000-page books on Home Brewing will get REAL MAD at me!
You see, many people are VISUAL learners.
With this look-over-my-shoulder video training series,  I'll be swinging a "dent" into their book sales... but what the heck!
Reading thick, flip-till-you-snooze books is definitely not the quickest and easiest way for YOU to learn beer making... especially if you just want to brew a batch or two to figure out if beer making is something you'll really enjoy...

"Top 7 Reasons To Hit The Order Button Below"

  • You'll brew a delicious bottle of beer for the first time in your life!

  • You'll know the equipment and ingredients necessary to brew. (and where to easily grab them at the best prices!)
  • You'll know how to properly clean and sanitize your brewing equipment. (if you do this wrong you could ruin your beer!)
  • You'll have a thorough understanding of the THREE DAYS of brewing. (Brew Day- Transfer Day- Bottling Day)
  • You'll even learn All Grain Brewing - Just like professionals brew! (Brewing this way can also end up saving you even MORE money!)
  • You'll be able to BREW YOUR OWN BEER from start to finish using my step-by-step training, checklists and recipes to have a wildy sensuous homebrewed beer
  • You'll be the life of the party and envy of your friends and family and have them baffled how you made such a great beer!

Instant Access To The Online Training

Pictures From My Latest Brewing!

"You're Just One Step Away From Making Your First Beer!"

Now I've put all of this content inside the Members Training Area and you'll be given instant access to EVERY SINGLE DROP of it.

But please don't let the sheer amount of information scare you.  I've not only organized it into easy categories, but the videos go in order... and here's the best part...
You can walkthrough the lessons at your OWN pace.
Then after you've viewed the videos... you can simply print the Brew Day checklists and begin your brewing!
Quickly get instant access to all my Videos, Checklists, Recipes and worksheets for Home Brewing for just $12.95 (this is our special introductory price - price subject to go up at any time).

Your 60-Day Risk-Free, Hassle-Free
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm so confident of you becoming your own "Brew Master" after following my tips, tricks and techniques that I'll personally guarantee you this:

If you don’t make a great tasting beer you're happy with, I’ll refund the entire cost of the course to you. Actually, you get double protection. Here’s how...
At any time during the next 60 days, if you sincerely feel I fall short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund -  no questions asked!
Yes, there's absolutely zero risk if you jump on my offer right now.

You'll have a FULL 60 days to view all the online training videos, download ALL my recipes and checklists and worksheets, and if you decide home brewing isn't for you or whatever other reason...
... You will receive a prompt and courteous refund

Sound fair?

Listen to this: I strongly urge you to move fast right now because I just can't imagine ANYTHING that can make you happier than popping the top of a couple of bottles of your own Home Brew with your buddies!
At this absolute steal of $12.95, I'm handing you:
  • A Complete Step-By-Step Home Brew Video Training Series. (You can start watching immediately!)

  • A Whopping 640 Home Brew Recipes to Treat Your Taste Buds in Every Possible Sensuous Way.

  • Detailed checklists to ensure you NAIL everything down... easily worth many times the price...

  • And Much, Much More!'ll have to be insane not to check out the easy-to-follow video course I created for you today.

Get Started Now (Instant Access!)

Click Here To Get Home Brew Training Now!

You'll receive Instant Access to the Member's Training Area
24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week - 365 Days a Year!

Justin Sieglaff

P.S. You're going to gain access to this 'Wildy Sensuous Home Brew Training' for my incredible special launch price of $12.95 to brew your own mouth watering, thirst quenching beer backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.
P.P.S.  The investment to grab this complete beer making walkthrough will resume at $69.95 very soon.  So I want you to jump in now while the mob of beer lovers are banging on my door hollering, "Beer Master, please teach us the ways!"
Come on.. there's a whole world of great tasting beer recipes I want to teach you to make beyond anything you've EVER tasted before.. So let's get started right now while it's fresh on your mind!

ClickHere To Get the Home Brew Training Now!

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